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Title:  Corn Fed 10
Description:  I shot this buck on Saturday September 22nd between La Crescent and Hokah Minnesota. Now it would be great to say I have a long history with this deer, and that I have been watching him all year but that’s not the case. I was on my 3rd sit of the year on a property I had never hunted before and had yet to see a deer. Who would have known the first deer I would see would look like this.
This buck came out of a bedding area at about 5:50 pm about 80 yards down the edge of a corn field from my stand. I spotted him right away and then had to watch him feed for about 45 mins while he closed the distance. As he approached my stand he went directly to a mock scrape I had made about 10 days earlier about 30 yards from my stand. I stood up to draw back while he was working the scrape and as I did he turned for a perfect quartering away shot and I wasted no time at the opportunity. My Z7 Extreme and G5 T3 found both lungs and the center of the heart and I was able to watch him hit the ground in less than 20 yards. After checking the trail cam I had at this site I found he had been at this spot 3 days earlier at about the same time and gave me a nice series of pictures of him. He is 20 ¼ wide and has 5 ¾ bases with a 152 ¼ gross.
My 3 year old son Landon (in picture) was able to stay up late and be a part of the experience which was fun, but the next day he was left with many questions about what happened to the deer. The best one was when he asked me “Daddy why did you shoot Bambi’s dad” which he quickly followed up with a stern “Daddy you can’t shoot Bambi’s dad anymore, ok”. Hopefully Bambi’s dad comes to visit again next year.
Public Name:  Matt McCallson
City:  Dakota
State:  MN
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